IFREACT – Improved First Responder Ensembles Against CBRN Terrorism

Improved First Responder Ensembles Against CBRN Terrorism

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European major cities continue to face the threat of terrorism and, in the near future, may be subject to a serious chemical, biological or radiological terrorist attack.

To adequately prepare for such an attack, IFREACT considers the development of state-of-the-art, protective clothing for European first-responders to be vital. Although the threat of terrorist attacks involving CBRE agents was the primary driving force for this project, it is not only man made threats that are an issue. Pandemic outbreaks, accidents and other incidents involving dangerous substances, also pose a significant threat to European society and present major challenges to first responders. IFREACT takes both kinds of threat into account in order to achieve its goal of developing pioneering personal protective equipment (PPE) systems. For further information please contact us at info@ifreact.eu.

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